Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Greens

Here are some new 28mm greens. I'm going to make the master mold Thursday morning, and thought I'd snap a few pics before they get roasted in the vulcanizer!

The first set are Federal Marshals who hunted outlaws in the infamous "Indian Territory," which is now Oklahoma. They included the illustrious Heck Thomas (suspenders, firing winchester), and were a diverse force, including Native American police (the "Light Horse") and an African-American lawman, Bass Reeves (pointing). This set includes six figures (2 views below).

The second 6-figure set is a collection of outlaws. They include a couple of masked bandits, a Hillbilly of sorts, a leader with a bald pate (can you guess who he is?), and one loading a scattergun and wearing a Mississippi gambler's hat.

Once I start casting these, I'll round up a batch to photograph and post on the site.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scratchbuilt 28mm Town

Recently I saw a YouTube video of a western town built by Viv Chandra of the Battle Bunker in Australia. I was inspired to post some photos of my own 28mm town, some of which is scratch-built, and some of which is resin. I furnished many of the interiors with an eclectic mix of pieces and parts from fantasy and historical manufacturers. Here it is, the town that got me started in Wild West gaming: