Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comparing Knuckleduster's New Banditos to Artizan

Knuckleduster has just released a set of six 28mm Banditos. Because no single manufacturer makes enough Banditos to build a collection of figures for a large gang which are to scale with one another and in which no single pose is used twice, figures from different sources must be mixed. In my collection I happen to have a few Artizan figures, and I have placed them alongside my own sculpts so you can see how they match in scale and "heft."

The three figures you your left are Artizan.

The figure on the left is from Artizan's set AWW001,
Ill Buono, Ill Brutto, Ill Cattivo

If the Artizan figures weren't already based, I might have been able to give you an even better comparison, but I didn't have the heart to pry them off the stands! As it is, I think they are reasonably well matched, and could be mixed in one "unit."
Artizan makes two packs of three banditos each plus the Mexican from AWW001. The other large collections of banditos I've been able to find are from Black Scorpion miniatures, although I don't have any. They are beautiful figures, and if someone would like to photograph one of theirs alongside one of mine, please send me the photo and I'll post it.

Adios, Amigos!
Ol' Knuckleduster


  1. Howdy!

    Those look great!!! Something to put on my to sneak it past the wife?

    (OMG, I'm starting to think like Larry Leadhead!)

  2. Wow. You've got a great amount of talent. I've got some questions related to the Central Illinois Tabletop Warriors. I couldn't locate a contact email here, but would you mind sending an email to Hooper AT quiltcityogres DOT com? Just have the subject line read something like "Central Illinois Tabletop Warriors Questions" and I'll be able to reply.

  3. Howdy! Thanks for the comment. I just dropped you an e-mail regarding CITW.