Monday, October 3, 2011


I haven't been in the habit of posting photos of my greens (or greys in this case). It's more interesting than photos of sausage being made, and hopefully less disgusting!

First, I have a set of dismounted US command for 1812. If you're like me, you use dismounted command figures on the mounted generals' bases to denote rank; for instance, one dismounted figure with a mounted general is a brigade commander, two is a divisional, and two mounted figures on a base is a corps commander.
You may recognize some Osprey illustrations among these:

I have the torsos here for early-war Americans. The roundabouts in the early war would be linen for the summer and not the grey wool of the late war. The full-laced coatee will be represented as well:

Here is one of the last of the mounted cowboys:

And finally, one of three horses for US 1812 cavalry. He's got a light cavalry saddle, one of several styles extant, and a simple saddle blanket used on campaign underneath the saddle instead of the shabraque over the saddle.  The pistols and wool cover will be sculpted as well. I have two others I'm rigging out with all the requisite gear:

I've said for a long time that I'm revamping the 40's. Here's proof!

These are but a few bits and pieces; I'm sculpting lots of guns, heads, hats, and a poseable horse dollie that cries, piddles, and closes his eyes when you lay him down. 

The new 28's should be mastered and ready to go later this month. The 40mm project rolls on, but I fear I won't have any new releases lined up in that range for a couple of months yet.

Now that you've seen how sausage is made, I hope you still want to order some!

All the best,
Forrest Harris
The Sculptor


  1. Cowboys in 28mm look great! How much will they retail for? Making me regret sending my big order in to you! Oh, is the riders seperate for the horse or all one model?

  2. Thanks for posting. The riders and horses are separate. The packs come with two horses and two riders for $10US. I've got photos of two other mounted cowboy sets on the homepage of that I'll be releasing in the next day or two (maybe yet today). As soon as I finish the ones on the sculpting bench right now, I'll have riders for all six poses in the cowboy pack ow28-102.

  3. You should package a group of horses together and then make a rides set for the Lawmen, Banditos, etc...then someone could buy x packs of horses (say 3 per pack each) and maybe offer 6 riders per set (then you can glue them on or order more and not glue them on to swap about for games).

    Patrick Ballinger

  4. That's a good idea. Since I do my own casting, I actually have the flexibility to do it just about any way people would like. I could offer it both ways and see which one gets the most hits. The rider pictured above is one of two that will go in the next master mold, probably early next week. The other four from the set of six are finished and in production molds already. I'm about to post them in the shopping cart. When the last two are finished, I can certainly offer a six-pack of riders and three-pack of horses as an option.

  5. Looks good! Hope we get some British "1812" Mounted Command figs soon though!