Thursday, April 14, 2016


Our hobby has come a long way from the days when you sent a self-addressed stamped envelope and a dollar for a catalog from an ad in the back of a wargames magazine. We now live in a faster-paced world where many people don't have the time to piece together a collection from multiple sources and figure out how everything can be jumbled together into a game. These days, rules, figures, and terrain are presented in unified systems, and it can be helpful, especially when starting out in a new game.

For Desperado, we've created a boxed starter set that includes everything you need to start having Old West gunfights; the Desperado rules, 12 figures (including 10 gunfighters and 2 bystanders), three buildings, an outhouse, a corral, a graveyard, character and turn sequencing cards with illustrations that match the figures, easy reference sheets, and all the dice you'll ever need to play the game.

For $150USD, this set gives you about $180 worth of gear. Check it out at CATALOG PAGE

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