Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is the first new post in awhile, and I apologize. Vacations, trips to conventions, and contract casting have taken their toll on my sculpting and blogging. I'm happy to announce the release of my first new 40mm set in a couple of months.

What Old West setup would be complete without Banditos! First a small history lesson. Real banditos were not dressed as we see in the movies. The greatest of them all, Joaquin Murrieta, of Old California, dressed like an ordinary businessman of 1854, albeit rather dusty, with no special pinache. No sashes, no conchos, no panchos.

Well, what fun it that? I've chosen to give my banditos the full-tilt Frito-Bandito treatment.

First off, they represent three iconic Latino character types of the Old West. The character with the multi-colored blanket is a Vaquero, or Mexican cowboy. The second is an old California Haciendo, wearing fancy duds (perhaps outlaws have crashed his wedding). The character with crossbelts is one of Ponco Villa's men, a "Villista." They have plug hands which are interchangeable. Each set comes with seven hands: Right: Winchester, Peacemaker one, Peacemaker two. Left: Whiskey bottle, open hand, Peacemaker, cap and ball Colt. The middle figure has an alternate head which is bare. The hats must match the costume for them to be culturally correct, so the other heads are fixed.

The were fun to paint because of the patterns in the blanket and trousers, and because of the fancy stitching and piping on the jackets. If I get around to doing mounted versions, I'll try my hand at a fancy fiesta saddle!

Until next time,
Old Knuckleduster

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