Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knuckleduster's 28mm Lawmen of Tombstone

Here are some photos of my latest 28mm pack. It includes the Earps, Doc Holliday, and Sheriff Johnny Behan. These are based on the historical characters, and not the actors. For instance, Virgil Earp did not look anything like he did in Tombstone. He was full in the face. Wyatt is shown here as he was the day of the gunfight, carrying his gun without a holster.

Doc takes aim.

A wounded version of Virgil.

 . . . and of course, Wyatt.

I hope you enjoy these; I had fun sculpting, painting, and mounting them. They are available from Knuckleduster.com or RLBPS.com.

One more note, if you had the original Knuckleduster Earp pack, you will note that the figures have been slightly re-sculpted, and more figures have been added; Behan, Doc, and the prone/wounded version of Virgil which gives you a wounded marker or diorama figure.


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