Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I've just posted a new figure set for sale--28mm Robbers.
These are meant to represent one of the notorious gangs of thieves that plagued banks, railroads, and stagecoach lines. The James and Dooling-Dalton gangs spring to mind.

These characters wear long dusters--not the layered canvas anachronisms worn in low-budget Hollywood movies and TV commercials, but the garment that Westerners called a "duster." It was more like what we would call a "lab coat" today; a simple, white linen coat meant to protect your suit from dust. It had only a simple collar, no lapels, and certainly not the cape over the shoulders that modern trench coats and Nashville "dusters" have. I've included several variations, some more fancy than others.

Another historically-accurate feature of these figures is the headgear; more specifically, the face-gear. Real stagecoach robbers wore gunney-sacks over their heads with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth. I've given you figures with these, and some with the more familiar bandannas, both over-the-mouth and pulled down.

Several of the robbers carry shotguns and rifles; "longarms" were more popular than pistols among these criminals, and they were part and parcel of their costuming strategy. The long coats aided in concealment of a longarm until the trap was spung. Particulary popular were fearsome sawed-off shotguns, a real conversation stopper when it's pulled out.
Now I have to "steal" some time to do some painting!

All the Best

PS.  You can find them in the shopping cart here.

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