Monday, May 4, 2015

Parade of New Releases; 28mm Mounted Robbers, Poker Set and Wounded, PLUS New 32mm Ranges

So much news for May that I don't know where to start!

Oh, well, let's just start with the new 28mm Old West items.

First off, we have mounted versions of the figures in the Robbers set, ow28-115. These figures give your James Gang the ability to get away in a hurry! As with the other mounted sets, they feature three two-man packs which correspond to the six figures in the dismounted packs.

Next, we have, by request, more wounded figures.I like to give a variety of costuming in order to give you the ability to find a figure that roughly represents your character.

 Wounded II

I have replaced the Poker Set (the old KDP-OW012). The mold tore and the masters were woefully out-of-date, so I spruced it up by replacing.....EVERYTHING. I sculpted the figures separate from the chairs so you can use them with any furniture you happen to have. The chairs were designed digitally and come in two pieces; the bottom legs and rungs are one piece, and the seat and back are the other piece. The table is in one piece, with nicely detailed poker chips and glasses cast right on the table-top.

 Poker Set

The next news item really merits its own story; I have added a line of 32mm Old West characters which I'm calling GUNFIGHTER'S BALL. I have some customers who prefer the larger 28s (which are increasingly called 32mm) such as Dead Man's Hand, Copplestone, Reaper, or Black Scorpion. In order to serve that segment of the market, I am digitally sculpting some very highly-detailed slotta base figures. I will also be issuing these in 28mm with integral bases--I would never leave my loyal 28mm customers in the lurch!

 Gunfighter's Ball
 The Dame With No Name

Finally, I've added two product lines from Australia, both by master sculptor Sebastian Archer. I first saw these figures in the Crystal Brush Competition at Adepticon in Chicago last year and was so impressed, I tracked down the sculptor and began importing them.

He has two product lines: Guild of Harmony is a small collection of nifty steampunk characters.

 Steampunk Tink

Twisted is the beginning of a line that will blossom into a full-fledged Steampunk game universe. The initial two offerings are limited-edition resin kits with outstanding detail.

 Twisted Oliver

Finally, I'm now on Facebook! Never fear; if you're not a Facebook person (I wasn't until business forced me into it), I will continue to issue news through the newsletter and my website.

The Home Page of the website will be will soon be taking you to the home page of the shopping cart. All of the links you need will still be there--the downloads page in particular, but also the newsletter signups and links to our various blogs such as this one and Tumblr.

Happy shopping!
Forrest Harris

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